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How To Repair A Corner Gutter Seam Leak

Gutters are used to gather excess water during the rainy season, which will be drained and diverted away. It needs routine maintenance and cleaning to sustain a good condition. However, routine maintenance is not a complete protection against damages on the gutters which can cause a leak. Leaking gutters can cause structural and cosmetic damage; therefore, it should be dealt punctually to avoid major problems to your home. Repairing a leak on a corner gutter can be done easily and doesn’t need a lot of time.


Scrubbing the crack

  • Reach your gutter by using an extension ladder. Find the crack and scrub the area around it to give way for a small plastic replacement sheet to fit into place. Use steel wool and gently scrub the crack to make the surface clean and stamped. Prepare a small container with warm water, and use it to dip the wool so that the debris and friction are reduced. Smooth the edges of the crack by using a piece of sandpaper. Use your scissors to remove plastic fibers sticking out.

Preparing the replacement patch

  • Use your large pair of scissors to cut a strong plastic and produce a small replacement patch. Cut the plastic into an even rectangular or a square shape. When cutting the plastic, make sure that you give one inch excess to ensure complete covering of the crack. Find the type of plastic which is actually the same type used for your gutter system. You can buy it from any building supply store. Choose the type of plastic that is very durable and strong to ensure that it will survive unstable weather. These types of plastics are expected to last long even though they are subjected to constant unstable moisture and temperature.

Applying the patch

  • Use sealing putty and attach it to the patch, only use a small amount of it. Mold the putty at the back of the plastic patch using your fingers. Push it firmly into place. Check on the crack and make sure that you do not see it from the top to bottom. If excess putty oozes out, do not worry as you can easily remove it later once it goes hard. If you think that the patch is not large enough to cover the crack, remove it instantly before the putty solidifies. Prepare a fresh plastic patch and make necessary adjustments then reapply.

Tidying the patch

  • After the sealing putty solidifies, cut any excess away by using a utility knife or a plastering trowel. This step is sometimes unnecessary and not done by others, but if you want your replacement patch to look more professional, then it is advised that you do this step. Your patch will stop any water leaking from the crack of your gutter.


  • For the final step, check your gutter for any leaks. To make sure that you have completely repaired your gutter, pour water down your gutter, then check if there is water leaking from the crack. If the putty completely solidified, water should not be able to go through it. If you notice that there is still water leaking, add putty on the area of the gutter leak. After doing all the steps carefully, you can expect a professionally repaired gutter with no flaws.

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