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The Story of Our Gutter Installation Company in Dallas, Texas

My life began on a small dairy farm in eastern South Dakota. We were poor, hard-working, and believed in going to church on Sundays. Most families of that time were large; ours was no different as I grew up with 5 sisters and 3 brothers, always enough help. There was plenty of work and my father was the driving force in our household. He was a disciplinarian, a hard worker, and a man with a ‘can-do attitude’; in his mind, failure was not an option. He hated the words ‘’I can’t’’, and that pretty much set the tone for how we were raised. When I graduated from high school, I enlisted in the U. S. Air Force, happily serving my country for almost 8 years. I was able to see and live in different parts of the country and served a tour in Thailand. Military life, obviously, involved a different lifestyle than living on a farm. But the foundation blocks were the same, just a different way to deliver the message. All of which only reinforced what my father was trying to instill in me as I grew. Through the years, regardless of what I was doing, that foundation got me through to the next phase of my life. As I’ve been told, ‘’ What you have done only prepares you for what you’re going to do’’.

In 2001, I started installing aluminum seamless gutters with my son-in-law. That was the start of A & B Gutters in Garland, Texas. My primary objectives were to be credible, professional, and to always treat people as I wanted to be treated. Initially, we worked with homeowners, and as time passed we created relationships with government municipalities, corporations, roofers and a sundry of contractors in the construction industry. All of which, helped us to survive and thrive for nearly 20 years. Whether we’re installing gutters or doing a minor repair, it’s all equally important and we understand that our existence depends on you ‘’The Customer’’ and how you evaluate the service we offer. Our goal has always been to be prompt, professional, and have a positive attitude when working for you.

In November of 2003, I purchased my current home in Canton and traveled back and forth to my business in Sasche, Tx. Today, while much of my work is still in the Dallas Metroplex area, Canton and the surrounding area have grown as have our gutter installation and repair services in that community and surrounding East Texas.

A & B Gutters is a twenty-year trusted company offering professional workmanship, while providing a quality product at a fair price. It is my hope, that when you’re needing to install new gutters, gutter guards, or even a minor repair, that you give me a call. When you do, we’ll do everything possible to earn your trust. We are here to ‘’help you protect your home’’.

Looking forward to your call,

Rick Weber

Please contact us today for your gutter installation and repair needs. 972-530-5699