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How To Cover A 3 Inch Gutter On A Flat Roof

A gutter onto the roof is an excellent way to help drain the water that has gathered on the roof from rainfall or the likes. Roofing companies have developed technology that gives flat roofs protection from water leaking in the house. However, if your house or roof is slightly slanted or forming a little slope, or has a tendency to gather puddles in it then gutters are a smart choice. Gutters can really help you out in a ton of ways. No longer will you be pushing water out of the way manually. Gutters can save you time. Most commercial gutters are around 5 or 6 inches, a 3 inch gutter would hold less water.

Here are the steps on covering a flat roof with your gutter:

Write down the measurements and find your roof’s perimeter.

Make a decision on how many downspouts you will need. Downspouts are the tubes that direct water from the roof to the ground. Be sure to place them in areas that will lead the water away from your home or if you made rain barrels, lead them to those. Find out the distance from the roof to the ground to know how long the downspouts need to be then add a bit more, most probably 3 to 4 feet so you can extend them further from your home.

Cut the gutters using a skill saw. Be careful when cutting metal. Wear gloves to protect yourself. If you are using a power saw, wear goggles to prevent metal from going to your eyes. Piece together the gutters on the ground. You need to put them together to match whatever measurement the roof comes in. Put them together and add a dab of sealant to add an extra bit of protection from water.

You will then use tin snips to make the downspout hole, this hole is outlined already on the gutter in the underside of each gutter. Cut 1/6th inch outside of the hole to make sure the downspout fits just right in.

Put the downspout into the downspout hole in the gutter that was previously mentioned. The downspout drains water down out of the gutters and is faced vertically at the end of the gutter. Drill some holes to put in rivets and then put in the rivets to secure and stabilize the downspout.

Place the downspouts on the sides of your house using downspout hangers. Screw them on to the sides of the house and around the downspout, where you should be clamping them. While this step isn’t really required, it will secure your downspout from any damage from strong winds, storms and the likes.

Put the downspout together that it empties itself and flows right into your drainage tube, yard, or rain water containing barrel. The water will flow there during rainfall, securing your house from any wetness during rain.

Installing a 3 inch gutter for a flat roof is not an easy task. Putting one on will greatly save you some time clearing out the puddles on your flat roof.



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